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1996. A studio bathed in Mediterranean sunlight, where stand an imposing number of sculptures carved in stone. A man with the look of child in which we can read determination just like his hands moving on marble.
His name: POLO.
A brief exchange where the essential is said. His works speak for him. He started sculpting in 1993 and was beginning his second «marble ». Sculpture is his new life. The mastering and maturity of the artist speak for the worth of the man. It gave birth to a close collaboration between POLO and the « Galerie du Crescendo ».
Polo was born the 10th of February 1948 in France, of Italian mother and father  from the Savoy. Gifted from a young age, life led him towards artistic creation. From the age of 20 he worked exclusively in painting. In him lay this deep desire, quasi obsessional : « One day I am going to be a sculptor, l am going to have my own studio. »
Alter having traveled the world (U.S.A., West-Indies, India, Greece, South America...), in 1993 he returned to the French Riviera and « cut his teeth » on siporex, a molded ciment; and that was the birth of his first sculpture. Everything is natural and spontaneous. Whatever the sacrifices, sculpture is his new, life that makes him say « Finally, 1 am expressing my natural gift that l was not using before. »
Hard a work, throught shapes, curbs and roundedness, he gives sensuality to the material in a playful way By the purity of their form and color, his artworks are generous without artifice or pretention; simple but timeless.
Polo's artwork brings out a real emotion and a feeling that links us to the artist in his quest of spirituality. He transcends the material. It is no longer the result of the action of the man that we contemplate or his technique but something else unexplicable.
It is the supremacy of the Art.

Bernadette EININGER


“Whatever the age, the heart always remains the most vibrating organ”.
Louis-René Des Forêts

If it were words, they would be poetry.
If it were music, one would never get weary of listening.
POLO sculpts like the others breathe, and the tempo of his heart is in rhythm with his creations. In his eyes shines the sun oh Italy and the naivity of childhood, that thirst to discover and to be always astounded.
Ludic and sensual, each one of his pieces brings us towards averchanging dreams. A rebel to excess with marble and other stones he has made his allies for a love story that is just unfolding.

Yves Amoureux


Having known Polo for l0 years, I have had the opportunity to see his sculpture coule to fruition.
Here is a sculptor’s sculptor. One who breathes and eats the dust.
He usually has no preconceived idea of what he is about to carve, but attacks the stone trying to discover.
This is of course not hard and fast rule as there exists none in art, and certainly not in Polo's.
He is always innovative and creative rnaking assemblages of nothing but with a confidence that never appears contrived. He is far removed from mainstream art, read fashion, simply because he see this as a means, not an end. This should be seen as a quality, not a fault.
After all a twenty years old art magazine reads like a who's who of who ?
Polo's real force is his ability to carve stone. This normally intimidating form of art he attacks as naturally as a good meal. He manages to balance chaos and harmony ; either of which too much of can easily kill.

He performs this feat with a competence and a sense of economy that really distinguish him ,from the pack. I can only look forward to seeing what his next ten years bring

Timothy Johnson
BFA painting. MFA painting.
Professor of art at Bowling Green State University